British Billboard Hacked With Images Of Pepe And Swastikas 

The gallant shitposters of /pol/ showed once again that nothing is beyond their reach, hacking into a Cardiff City billboard in the United Kingdom and posting internet images of Pepe the frog, swastikas, a warning about sharia law, and a poster from the movie 1984 warning that “Big Brother Is Watching You.”

God Emperor Trump

W E A P O N I Z E D   A U T I S M.

It really is astounding what weaponized autism can accomplish when applied to real life, whether is be stealing Shia LaBeouf’s stupid flag or hacking a billboard with what President Donald Trump calls “the cyber” (which Barron is rumored to be very good with).

Naturally, the city has its priorities in order, as it plans to mount a serious investigation into the villains behind the hack.

Via BBC:

“Offensive images have been displayed on a Cardiff city centre billboard, prompting a police investigation.

Swastikas and far-right images were displayed on the Queen Street screen on Tuesday night after a hacker gained control and selected what was shown.

Writing in an anonymous online post, the hacker claimed there was a security vulnerability with the screens.

BlowUP media, which controls the billboard, has been contacted for comment.

South Wales Police said they had received a number of calls relating to the incident.

A spokesman added: ‘We alerted the city council and will investigate any crimes which may have been committed.'”

As for the offensive pictures themselves? Here they all are, via Reddit.

Stop A Commie

Wew lad.



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