Bernie Sanders to Supporters: ‘Act in Unprecedented Way’ to Stop Trump, Republicans

Credit: Michael Vadon

Sen. Bernie Sanders is calling for his supporters to “act in [an] unprecedented way” to stop President Trump and Republicans less than one week after James Hodgkinson, a radicalized Sanders supporter and former volunteer for his campaign, opened fire on Republican congressmen at a baseball practice in Virginia.

After the tragic baseball practice, Sanders called for an end to the violence. Now, less than a week later, he is already returning to the kind of rhetoric that, in his own words, can cause violence.

God Emperor Trump

The hypocrisy is stunning.

The American Mirror reports:

“When I talk about a political revolution, this is what I’m talking about, is for people all over this country to put pressure on every level of government to say that in America, we are the wealthiest country in the history of the world, we are not gonna do horrendous things to millions and millions of working people,” he said.

“We gotta stand up and fight back,” Sander said. “We have gotta be involved in the political process in a way that we have never been before because what is happening now in Washington is unprecedented.”

Pointing at the camera, Sanders said, “You have got to, Mary, act in an unprecedented way. Think big. Get involved in every way that you can.”

While it is clear Sanders did not directly call for violence, according to his own standards, this is the kind of rhetoric that will cause his supporters to act violently.

Perhaps the next time a Sanders supporter tries to murder a group of Republicans, President Trump should take to Twitter and urge Sanders to “tone down his rhetoric.”

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