Julian Assange: Creepy Kurt Eichenwald Uses Fake Name To Review His Own Books On Amazon

The glorious tragedy that is the downfall of Kurt Eichenwald keeps getting more and more bizarre.

Department of Memes recently reported on Eichenwald’s Twitter meltdown, when he hurled some 30+ tweets at Wikileaks’ Julian Assange that became more and more nonsensical as they went on, finally culminating in pictures of trees. Yes, really.

God Emperor Trump

Following the bizarre attacks from the beta cuck “journalist” that labeled Assange a child rapist and agent of Putin, Assange fired back with documents that indicate Eichenwald used a false identity to write glowing reviews of his own novels on Amazon.

According to Assange’s evidence, Eichenwald used the pseudonym “Andrew MacDonald” to publish ridiculously fawning assessments of two different books he wrote in 2000 and 2005.

In the reviews he heaps bucketfuls of adulation on the books, even unironically posting “Full Disclosure: After reading The Informant, I emailed Eichenwald with some praise, have swapped messages with him over the years and actually like him.”

“McDonald” goes on to attack the numerous negative reviews of the book, claiming those who didn’t find it entertaining were “obsessed” with Eichenwald and were spreading mass “ridiculous accusations” against him.

Stop A Commie

This would be a new low for a man who infamously embarrassed himself on Tucker Carlson’s nationally televised show, and then later inadvertently tweeted out his love of anime tentacle porn then blamed it on his family.

Since Assange’s response, Eichenwald has removed the section of his Twitter bio listing himself as a “senior writer” at Newsweek, causing speculation about his future state of employment.

We can’t wait to see the next installment of this internet tragicomedy, as it undoubtedly will result in Cuckenwald getting BTFO during another one of his bizarre, self-destructive episodes.

If there is one thing we can learn from this episode, it is this: Do not fuck with Wikileaks.



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