As Apple Wages War on Pepe, Frogs Invade California (Literally)

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Apple made waves when it was revealed the company has been systematically banning all games and apps featuring alt right mascot and popular Internet meme Pepe the Frog from its App Store, and now all of California appears to be paying the price for the Cupertino based company’s insolence as a plague of frogs threatens to devastate the Democratic Socialist People’s Republic of California.

The Scientific American reports that the Coqui frog has a habit of invading and devastating leftist dens of degeneracy.

“Although native to Puerto Rico, the coqui invaded vulnerable island habitats by hitching rides on commercial nursery plants. In Hawaii, home to thousands of endemic species, the coqui has had catastrophic impact following its introduction in the late 1980s. Unlike in their native range, coqui have achieved astonishing densities, often as high as 20,000 frogs per hectare (or 2 frogs per square meter), and sometimes over four times that number.”

God Emperor Trump

The many Kekistanis who hold to their ancient religion of Esoteric Kekism will surely interpret this as an omen. Try to ban Pepe, the one true son of the chaos god Kek, and as many as 20,000 frogs will overwhelm you without mercy.

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Pepe was branded a racist, hateful symbol of white supremacy by both the American Defamation League and by perennial loser Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, and CNN has been accused of drawing its own rare Pepes in order to push this narrative.

Naturally, Kekistanis across the Internet maintain that Pepe is a meme of peace, and insulting Kek will not result in meme jihad.



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