Anti-Trump Film ‘Mother!’ Gets Savaged: Bad Reviews, Walkouts, Empty Seats

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

The new Hollywood release “Mother!” attempts to smear President Trump on the silver screen, but audiences openly hate it and have walked out of theaters in disgust. 

There’s a new movie out in theaters, starring Hollywood superstar and dumb establishment whore Jennifer Lawrence. It’s called “Mother!” and is supposed to make some sort of deep artistic statement on President Trump and climate change, but is instead getting raped by F-grade reviews from critics and audiences and prompting empty theaters and mass walkouts.

God Emperor Trump

The Trump Curse is real. And the left just won’t learn.

Many critics and viwers have described the movie as “mindless torture porn” degeneracy and branded it “the worst film of the century.”

Lawrence had previously used an interview about the movie to tie Hurricane Irma to President Trump and “Mother Nature’s rage – wrath.”

As Daily Telegraph reports:

Stop A Commie

“The film, which has inspired an abundance of explainers attempting to decipher what it all meant, grossed just $7.5 million at the box office despite a significant marketing campaign, making it the lowest wide-release opening of starJennifer Lawrence’s career, and the latest film to enter into the pantheon of movies graced with an ‘F’ score from exiting audience members.

Twitter is abuzz with tales of walkouts during screenings both in the UK and US, with reaction to the film appearing split down the middle – some calling it a masterpiece, others proclaiming it the worst film they’ve ever seen.

The film also received an “F” grade CinemaScore from exit polling at select cinemas across the USA, putting it company with critical darlings like Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris, William Friedkin’s Bug and the Australian horror flick Wolf Creek, all of which received F grades upon their respective US releases.”

For context, the ‘F’ grade from CinemaScore is not only the most violently negative reaction a film can have, it’s so rare only a dozen or so productions have reached the bar of retardation and depravity needed to merit the grade.

As CinemaScore founder Ed Mintz told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2016, “A’s generally are good, B’s generally are shaky, and C’s are terrible. D’s and F’s, they shouldn’t have made the movie, or they promoted it funny and the absolute wrong crowd got into it.”

That’s a level of failure that takes real effort to achieve. Lawrence has been a mega-draw for Hollywood over the past few years, but much like Katy Perry, Johnny Depp, and Corey Taylor before her, she drove a once-bright career into the mud with bizarre political sermonizing about President Trump .

Jennifer Lawrence is a bitch, but so is karma, and karma always does its job well.



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