‘Animal Rights’ Protesters Storm Chick-Fil-A On Cow Appreciation Day

Animal rights protesters donned cow and chicken masks and laid on the floor to obstruct business at a Florida Chick-fil-A to protest the treatment of farm animals on Cow Appreciation Day. Why they did this at a chicken restaurant is unknown.

God Emperor Trump

In front of as many as two dozen children, the activists stormed the restaurant, slit the throat of the person dressed as a chicken, and then laid on the ground in an attempt to make some sort of statement.

The activists were from an organization known as Direct Action Now: Total Animal Liberation. Their website suggests their bold goal is to “change the world for animals.”

Super important, guys.

Stop A Commie

The local Fox affiliate spoke to the woman who recorded the disturbing and cringe-tier video, who was at the Chick-fil-A enjoying a meal with her friends and their children:

“What you didn’t see on the video was when they first walked in, they actually slit the throats of the chicken and the person dressed up as a cow, and then they fell down to the ground,”

“I’m all for everybody being able to speak their own mind and tell their opinion on what they believe in, but they kind of crossed the line when they proceeded to slit the throats of human beings,” said Leacock. “Kids couldn’t tell the difference between what’s real and fake.”

The organizers claim their point was totally very clear and powerful and, like, stuff. Real and then the whole bus clapped material.




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