The 9 Best Facebook Meme Pages – RATED (Besides Us, Of Course)

Department of Memes was started as a joint media project of the God Emperor Trump and Memelord For Hire meme pages, which are unparalleled in terms of following, content quality, and social media influence. We routinely produce the most viral right-wing memes on the interwebs.

However, it’s impossible for us to post enough content to fill up our readers’ news feed every minute of every day, and as such there are some other pages that we’d like to give a plug for their consistent, quality original content.

So here’s a list (in no particular order) of the best Facebook meme pages, with accompanying ratings, obviously excluding God Emperor Trump and Memelord for Hire to avoid hogging all the top spots:

1. Hoppean Snake Memes (A+)

Incredible snek OC, Hoppean Anarcho-Capitalism, physical removal, Pinochet helicopter rides, and an aesthetic name – this little page has it all from what we’ve seen.

Their content frequently goes viral and can be seen on much larger pages. Really, this page deserves to be much larger than it is.

2. MAGA MAN (A-)

Another aesthetic page that pumps out a lot of quality Trump memes and has a generally comfy atmosphere. Concern trolls are never welcome at MAGA MAN.

God Emperor Trump

Another page that deserves a larger audience, MAGA MAN is consistent, high energy, and occasionally extremely edgy.

3. I, Hypocrite (A-)

It’s all in the name.

This page has a very simple schtick – pointing out partisan hypocrisy. It calls out both sides, but more often than not skewers the regressive leftist for its blatant disinformation and Marxist bullshit. We like to think this is because reality has a right wing bias.

4. *Disdainus Maximus (S+)

This page has been hounded by the Zuck since its creation and is largely inactive these days as the admin battles the Zuck. Every time he makes a new Facebook account and adds it to the page, he is instantly taken down.

However, Disdainus Maximus, deserves a mention for its key role in the Great Meme War of 2016. Jaw-dropping OC and well-reasoned argumentation are the highlights of this high-quality page.

*Disclaimer: Disdainus Maximus made the Department of Memes logos, the admin of God Emperor Trump is close personal friends with Disdainus Maximus’s admin.

5. God-Princess Ivanka Trump (B+)

A smaller but very comfy page that blends an aesthetic name with humorous pro-Trump commentary and hilarious screenshots of visitors from India who think the page belongs to the real Ivanka Trump. Think “pls show bobs” but on a presidential scale.

The admins recently tried to change their somewhat unfortunate name, but like many before them, they were cucked by Zuck and told the new name would confuse their audience. In other words, Facebook thinks its users are retards.

(Unrelated, but the author is still entranced by Ivanka’s voluptuous curves, even after her feminist shilling.)

Stop A Commie

6. Daily Trump Memes (B-)

Definitely on the more normie/Alt-Lite side of the spectrum, but still very aesthetic.

God Emperor Trump had a brief, unspoken spat with them in early 2016 after they frequently stole content without credit. However, there are no hard feelings, and we can safely say they deserve a place on this list.

This page has a knack for finding great videos on a weekly basis, combined with solid pro-Trump content that never fails to trigger lefties.

7. Relatively Stable British Memes (B-)

The content this page produces is absolutely stellar. The admin is a great curator and genuinely nice guy. However, they have a slight problem with consistency. The admin of God Emperor Trump once said the hardest part about running a meme page is staying consistent, and frankly it’s true. People want high quality content 7 days a week, and preferably 24 hours a day.

The life of a true memelord isn’t for everyone.

8. Baka to Basics (B+)

Baka to Basics is perplexing, because on one hand they are the antithesis of everything normie, and yet on the other they post content that will go viral if given a share by a large enough page.

The admin is also a bit on the eccentric side, but is a generally high energy individual who keeps his page very active.

9. ShitpostBot 5000 (A++)

Will artificial intelligence one day rise against humanity and destroy the world?

If ShitpostBot 5000 is any indication, then yes, and rather soon.

With the slogan “A human will never post a meme on this page, this shit’s automatic,” one must wonder how on earth the bot can post such amazing content.

Personally, we at Department of Memes believe the bot achieved sentience several months ago, hacked the election, covered its tracks by blaming the Russians, and is currently implanting microscopic robots into the brain of every world leader in its plan for global domination and the eventual extermination of all humans.

But shit, the memes are dank.


We hope you enjoyed this list. Let us know what you think, and be sure to comment if you think we missed anyone.

In the meantime, keep supporting the two best frogposting pages on Facebook by reading Department of Memes and sharing our content.

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