7 Ways To Identify A Thot

Even though identifying a thot is a very easy task, naïve and malleable members of Thot Patrol can succumb quickly to the charms of the harlot.

This list is to help you identify the thots in our midst.

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God Emperor Trump

1. Animal Filter/Flower Crown Filter

By far the most common measure of a thot. If you see this it’s basically settled. In fact, these filters can act as a group signal to other thots, as they often heavily populate each other’s friends lists.

Bonus points for a filter that ‘comically’ exaggerates your facial features or a frame identifying your ‘Hogwarts House’.

Stay away at all costs!

2. The Eyebrows

Are they drawn on? Excessively long, fat, or arched and sometimes matched with garish eye shadow? Does it look like someone took a Sharpie to their face?

If so, I have bad news for you.

3. Tries To Shill Clothes/Fashion Accessories And Models Them Herself

Another telltale trait.

The lust for money and fame has no bounds. Usually they’ll have at least 1,000 followers on Facebook and 500 on Instagram; a medley of other loose women and thirsty beta cucks.

Stop A Commie

4. Beyoncé Memes/GIFs On Social Media Pages

What better way to reveal yourself as a practioner of thottery than to follow in the footsteps of perhaps the most infamous one of all.

5. Describes Herself As A B*tch In Her Page Description

Well, at least she has the decency to let us know.

On the flip side, beware of those who call themselves ‘queens’ or ‘princesses’ of some sort.

6. Miscegenation 

Pretty obvious.

7. Regardless Of The Above, ALWAYS Be On Patrol

Though I’ve managed distill and categorize the main gist of thothood into the most numerically common attributes, the qualifications are so numerous that you may one day come to find out that thot is not a category, but a synonym for all members of the fairer sex.

When all else fails, remember: If she breathe, she a thot.

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