7 Most Badass Political Ideologies

Department of Memes recently published an article about the most cancerous political ideologies on the internet. Now, after it was requested by our readers, we have a list of the most High Energy belief systems we could find, presented in no particular order.

Here they are.

1. Hoppean Anarcho-Capitalism 

Not to to be concerned with open-borders lolbertarianism (think Anarchyball), Hoppean anarcho capitalism advocates strongly for the physical removal of communists, strong militia, purge of degeneracy, and is pragmatic in realizing that a true Ancap society is a pipe dream. Thus, libertarian principles are best applied to an already-functioning capitalist republic.

And the snake memes are pure fire.

God Emperor Trump

2. White Identitarianism


Calm down. White identitarianism is not national socialism or the KKK (though we’d take MoonMan on our side any day). In fact, it predates those groups by hundreds of years. It was how America was founded – the principle that the West is the best – and demographics play big league into the reasons why.

Without the white male there would be no great music, art, technology, internet, culture, or freedom of opportunity.


The Men Going Their Own Way movement gets a lot of flak from the right for its latent misogyny and identitarianism, but a lot of the major principles are based on fundamental truths of modern society.

Not to mention it’s a cool-sounding acronym.

Stop A Commie

4. Libertarian Nationalism

Strongly related to Hoppean Anarcho-Capitalism, but even more redpilled in that it immediately acknowledges the necessity of the state for border control and national defense.

5. Monarchy

Kings and queens and knights and emperors and halberds and broadswords, oh my! Most monarchists are LARPers but you can’t really blame them for dreaming about a simpler time, before transgender bathrooms and BLM and Bernie Sanders fucked everything up.

6. “Alt-Lite Cucks”

Alt-Lite is the only edgy ideology capable of getting large popular support in a general election, and it belongs here for that reason alone.

Not to mention the Alt-Lite are generally happier people.

7.  Right-Wing Populism

A very broad-spectrum movement that unites around two core beliefs: strong immigration laws and Western exceptionalism. RWP realizes that immigration is the core issue around which all other quality-of-life debates revolve.

National identity is integral to national success.



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