5 Reasons Meme Pages Are More Important Than Corporate Media

Moonman at his previous job as a spokesman for McDonalds, credit: Adam Lautenbach

You probably already know meme culture is vastly superior in sheer content value to the (fake) news media, but here are some other reasons why you are better off looking at redpilled art and frog cartoons.

1. They Fend Off Brainwashing

AIDS Skrillex, the posterchild for brainwashed liberals. Credit: Infowars/YouTube

The problem with cable news and news websites is they present a political narrative that you are expected to wholeheartedly buy into with complete sincerity, whereas meme culture is inherently rooted in irony and self-interrogation, so you’re far less likely to end up as a partisan zombie.

2. You Will Have More Fun

Queen Milo carried in on his litter. Credit: YouTube/MILO

Everyone knows that according to the prescribed dogma of the internet religion “The Cult Of Kek,” Pepe is a symbol of never-ending mirth and satire that drives his opposition mad with mockery and humorous memes. Regardless of whether one buys into this controversial theology, it is undeniable that one’s spirits are far better served scrolling through Moonman parodies and Pepe threads than ingesting a steady diet of doomsday language from network news and online political magazines.

3. You Will Become A Better Debater

God Emperor Trump

This is undeniable.

The cognitive dissonance of partisan media makes people on both sides much duller and inept in political argumentation. The author can verify how a shitposter can easily stand his/her ground against multiple fake news “sheeple” and send them away feeling like victims of veritable intellectual rape.

4. Memes Are More Likely To Get You Laid

This is somewhat subjective, but given a choice between a “memelord” with a solid sense of humor and a morbid couch potato who masturbates to the featureless mugs of Rachel Maddow and Jake Tapper on a nightly basis, it’s not hard to determine which is the more enticing potential mate. Also, science tells us that conservatives are more likely to be strong alpha males, and everyone knows women don’t like beta cucks.

Stop A Commie

(Self-stimulation to Tucker Carlson, however, is the exception to the rule and is a completely normal and acceptable pastime.)

5. You Are Ushering In A Revolution In Political Media

Alternative media is the future.

You can either get on this train now or later, but ”redpilled memes” are the future regardless.

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