4 Reasons Why The Left Can’t Meme

1. They don’t understand how humor works

Most humor is inherently based on human suffering. That’s why it works, it’s a coping mechanism for humans so we don’t go crazy with all of the messed up stuff in the world.

Leftists don’t seem to understand this. Their idea of a funny joke is a 2010 era Grumpy Cat meme.

God Emperor Trump

2. They’re too scared to offend anyone

In today’s hyper-sensitive “safe space” culture, anyone can get offended by anything. Not only that, but the so-called victims will have armies of Millennials catering to their feelings.

In an environment like this, how is anyone supposed to make any kind of joke? If you’re a self-proclaimed liberal Social Justice Warrior™, how can you find humor in anything at all? Someone somewhere might be slightly offended by your joke, so how can any good liberal joke around in good conscience?

3. Every issue is always 100% serious

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of irony to be found in some of today’s worst issues.

Stop A Commie

For example:

Sometimes it’s necessary to find humor in awful situations, otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to cope.

Leftists don’t understand that there is a time and a place for taking issues seriously. Sometimes, you have to make an edgy meme in order to cope.

4. They’re out of touch with the average American

A lot of the rhetoric against free speech and humor comes from either college professors stuck in their isolation bubble on campuses or liberal celebrities virtue-signaling the commoners from their ivory towers.

It should shock no one, therefore, that when Leftists try to “reach out” to a younger audience through memes, they fall short, usually by using out-of-date memes in a cringy way.

BONUS PRO TIP: Stop using I M P A C T F O N T on everything.



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