3 Ways The Right Can Take Back College Campuses

1. Be Successful In School

It’s going to be frustrating enough while being exposed to all sorts of leftist propaganda, so conservative students don’t need to make things harder by outing themselves as a conservative right at the start. Liberal professors can be extremely volatile when presented with facts, and that can and will affect grades.

There is also the problem of an increased amount of leftist violence on campuses around the country, and this is only encouraged by the media.

God Emperor Trump

If right-wing students want to be politically active on campus, that’s fine, but while they’re in class or hanging out on campus, it’s a good idea for them to remain politically neutral.

Whatever the cost, students should NOT counter-protest a leftist rally unless adequate police or security is nearby. There are plenty of stupid people tearing America apart as it is, so this country can’t afford to lose any more patriots.

2. Learn Good Public Relations Skills

If a student is going to a particularly liberal college (as most colleges are nowadays) then they have to be especially cautious with their behavior because they will be seen as a representative of the Right. The responsibility that comes with this should not be taken lightly, as they can be a key factor in changing the viewpoints of their peers.

Leftist students will always try to paint conservative students as a racist or sexist or misogynist or whatever label is popular at the time. While no one should ever censor themselves to appeal to leftists, conservative students also shouldn’t give them any extra ammo by being an unlikable asshole.

Stop A Commie

As Milo Yiannopoulos once said: “Don’t let them characterize you as anything but a mischief maker.”

3. Make The Right Look Appealing 

If there’s any chance of converting any centrists or moderate leftists, conservative students need to appear calm, logical, and most importantly, interesting. Remember, the Right has been losing the culture war not only because of sloppy arguments but because they weren’t interesting.

Crusty old man conservativism needs to be replaced with a more appealing and accessible movement. The alt-right started to become appealing to younger people due to its emphasis on meme culture, but they’re too busy obsessing about the Jews and becoming literal socialists to actually get anything done.

Students need to act as a sort of middle-ground between the alt right and old-school conservatives: remain accessible to the biggest audience possible while actually being a right-winger (if you support socialized anything you’re not on the Right, by the way).




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