3 Reasons Why Liberal Men Feel Completely F!@king Emasculated By Donald Trump

There’s no two ways about it. The leftist mindset is cucked and men who subscribe to the theories of feminism, open borders, white guilt, and “muh world peace” are likely to feel violated and emasculated by strong, take-charge male leaders.

This isn’t necessarily an ideological rift, as can be demonstrated in the case of Democrat senator (and Vietnam veteran and 2nd Amendment supporter) Sen. Jim Webb, who was forced out of the 2016 Democrat Party presidential primaries for being too alpha for modern feminist sensibilities.

God Emperor Trump

The testicular inferiority of the male leftist can best be demonstrated in the case of President Trump, whose raw masculinity causes bearded-and-balding hipster betas everywhere to recoil in horror and clutch melodramatically at their collective pearls.

Here are the three most poignant examples:


As the epitome of the American capitalist success story, Trump is already triggering enough to leftists everywhere. Fast cars, exotic women, gold casinos, everything that the hipster cuck despises and craves in vain at the same time.

Trump is never afraid to speak his mind. Big hair, big personality, big dick (we’ll get to that later). Leftists can only wish they could speak their mind to their feminist masters without fear of reprisal.


The left knows that America is the greatest nation in the world, which is why they tear it down through third-world culture and revisionist history. The great men of history are constantly maligned and torn down. Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne – no hero is safe from the scythe of communist rage.

Stop A Commie

Donald Trump is a throwback to the days of these men. He loves America and believes it was, indeed, GREAT. Leftists acknowledge his leadership in trying to use words like nationalism, chauvinism, and jingoism to insult the movement he has created.

Someone once said one strong leader is worth a thousand foot soldiers. The marxists know this, and that’s why they attack Trump so vociferously.


Okay, this one really doesn’t need any explanation.

Trump assured the world there is “no problem” down there. His ex wives regularly brag about how good he is at sex, and how massive his schlong is.

Rich well-dressed white man who brags about his penis size, what’s not to love.



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