10 Based Minds Channels You Should Subscribe To Today

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The admins of God Emperor Trump cannot go more than 7 months without being nearly Zucced into oblivion by Facebook’s thought police. In spite of constant attacks and threats, we intend to stay with Facebook until they physically remove us, as it is where we started and is the largest, most understood social media network around.

However, it is time to begin encouraging Facebook’s users to join platforms that actually care about freedom of speech and the First Amendment.

Minds is exactly that. It is a beautiful, open source platform that believes in privacy, freedom of speech, and rewarding the user for logging in and remaining active. It boasts a crowd funding platform, a tipping system, an engagement reward system that will literally give you free advertising as your content goes viral, and a UI that is more friendly to memes and videos than Gab, Twitter, or even Facebook. And yes, they have mobile apps for iOS and Android.

They also don’t manipulate your newsfeed. A Facebook page like God Emperor Trump, with 306,000 likes, may only reach 3,000 people with some posts. The most we can usually reach, if a post goes really well, is around 100,000. A third of our massive audience. Anything higher will usually be a viral sensation that could go into the millions.

We are encouraging our readers, our fans, our beautiful patriots, to join us on Minds and bleed away Facebook’s users. If Zuckerberg wants to play hard ball, we’ll start moving people elsewhere.

However, we realize that only seeing updates from God Emperor Trump on Minds won’t be enough to keep our fans checking out Minds every day.

Here are 10 Based Minds Channels You Need To Subscribe To.

1. Lauren Southern

God Emperor Trump

Yes, the gender-bending Canadian is on Minds. She made headlines when she changed her gender from female to male on government paperwork, shocked the world when she traveled to migrant camps in Europe and gave honest reports, and made us laugh and cry with shitposts all along the way.

While Instagram might occasionally ban her for posting cute animal pictures, Minds will do no such thing.

Subscribe to Lauren here.

2. Sargon of Akkad

Sargon is one of the most prolific Minds users on the platform, with a whopping 82,000 subscribers and over 3.4 million views. He seems to enjoy Minds more than he does any other social media platform, and considering it is leading the way in the fight for free speech we can see why.

Subscribe to Sargon here. 

3. Paul Joseph Watson

The world famous Paul Joseph Watson is on Minds too. Infowars personality, writer, radio host, and self described “contrarian polemicist,” Watson is another of Minds’s most active users, boasting 67,000 subscribers and over 1 million views. He might occasionally steal our memes, but we still love him for all the good he does.

Subscribe to Paul Joseph Watson here.

4. Stefan Molyneux

The philosopher, entrepreneur, and unofficial Professor of “Not An Argument” and host of Freedomain Radio is also on Minds, where he has over 51,000 subscribers and over 1 million views. Molymeme is a must subscribe, as his frank discussions about race and IQ as well as R-selected people is bound to get him physically removed from Facebook and Twitter eventually.

Subscribe to Stefan Molyneux here.

Stop A Commie

5. Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin is possibly the last liberal alive who any of us can stand. He rose to prominence in right wing circles after he gave Milo Yiannopoulos an impartial interview last year, and has only increased his relevance since then. Rubin left The Young Turks when he realized denying the Armenian genocide wasn’t a winning schtick, and so now he has to fear for his own ability to speak freely. On Minds he has over 10,000 subscribers, and even though he is taking a brief time to go “off the grid,” he will be back soon and using the platform again.

Subscribe to Dave Rubin here.

6. Dave Cullen

Perhaps lesser known outside of Minds, Dave Cullen is an absolute powerhouse on the platform. His bio reads “If they won’t let you say it, that means it MUST be said. #AllSpeechMatters” – So important! Cullen has 71,000 subscribers on Minds, and nearly 5 million views.

Subscribe to Dave Cullin here.

7. Memelord For Hire

Part of the God Emperor Trump admin team and a writer for Department of Memes, Facebook has permanently locked Memelord For Hire out of his own Facebook page. They deleted his personal Facebook account, as well as the Facebook accounts of several others he allowed to admin his page. Facebook gave no reason for this. They simply deleted several accounts, effectively crippling a very popular Facebook page. Memelord For Hire will now bring his shitposts to Minds, and Facebook is worse off for it.

Subscribe to Memelord For Hire here.

8. Based Meme Lord

You have almost certainly seen dozens of Based Meme Lord’s meme videos on Facebook and YouTube, but you may not know him by this name. He has been repeatedly unpublished from Facebook with no reason given, most recently shortly after being featured in an article on Milo Yiannopoulos’s website. Facebook really hates successful conservatives, but Minds does not.

9. Eric The Kek

Eric The Kek is an enigma that should someday become the standard: a social media personality who exclusively uses alternative social media networks. His videos on are Vid.me, and his shitposts are on Minds. In short, Eric is living in 2020 and we’re all stuck in 2017.

He talks about video games, politics, and the media, and hosts a podcast.

Subscribe to Eric The Kek here.

10. Safe Space Invaders

No den of cuckoldry is safe from this brave shitposter. Their bio reads that they “will descend upon you, penetrate your safe-spaces and enter your sanctum. (rape joke) Nothing is sacred.” The page itself celebrates the trollish nature of the right, and forecasts a future of destroying the left by invading each and every safe space.

Subscribe to Safe Space Invaders here. 



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