Department of Memes is a memetic news website run by major conservative Facebook pages and their fans.

Department of Memes began on June 16, 2017. The creators of social media personas God Emperor Trump and Memelord For Hire started the website to create and share real news we can support instead of the same tired lies from the fake news media.

In our short existence, we have been quoted by mainstream conservatives for covering new angles and doing the research that the mainstream media ignored.

Department of Memes is on Facebook.

God Emperor Trump is on Facebook, Minds, Twitter, and Gab.

Memelord for Hire is on Minds and Gab.


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  1. I have contact information for the leftist cuck troll who has been reporting GET pages to get them removed. As in home address, phone number etc. Let me know what you need.

    Keep America Great.

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