Department of Memes is a memetic news website centered around Internet culture, right-wing politics, and everything related to the one and only God Emperor Trump. Department of Memes was first founded by the primary admin of Facebook and Twitter’s God Emperor Trump in December of 2016 with the goal of expanding the God Emperor Trump brand and redpilling even more normies, and the website became even more important when the page was attacked by Facebook the following month.

For the next several months, the admin of God Emperor Trump sought out talented shitposters and authors, and met the gentleman with the acerbic wit known to Facebook users as Memelord for Hire. The two longed to expose their autism to the world, and determined the creation of a news website was in order.


God Emperor Trump

The nearly 300,000 patriot strong Facebook page was created in December of 2015, hours after a Trump rally in Las Vegas, Nevada in which a small group of young men started a “Can’t Stump the Trump” chant on live television. The admin was totally aghast, and determined that it was time to bring the type of memes loved on the Internet Hate Machine to the rest of the world.

While strictly using the God Emperor Trump handle online, the admin has several years of experience as a journalist in the broadcast industry. He loathes his peers, and seeks to undermine them using memes.

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Memelord for Hire

Memelord For Hire is an apolitical Facebook meme page dedicated to the preservation of memetic culture and the defense of Western degeneracy. Its notable contributions to the Great Meme War include rare Pepes, an exclusive series of Tucker Carlson memes, and various viral images stolen by plebs from less entrepreneurial pages.

The Main Admin of Memelord For Hire is an unrepentant millennial degenerate and high-school dropout who shitposted for many months in the God Emperor Trump comments section before creating his own page. He is currently working on journalistic and fiction projects to bring the light of Kek to the furthest corners of the interwebs.

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The Kekistani Refugee

Kekistani Refugee came to the United States from the war-torn country of Kekistan when he was 3.5 years old. He became a true American success story when he became a first-generation college student, Majoring in Political Science and Minoring in possession. Despite his excessive studies in women and alcohol driving him into an existential crisis, he found new energy in the election of God-Emperor Trump just as all hope seemed lost. He is now determined to give back to the man and the political community that gave him so much before.


Dillon the Cuckslayer

Dillon the Cuckslayer was once a quiet conservative, trying to keep his head down in a world stacked against him due to his beliefs. However, the degeneracy rampant all over his beloved country spurred him into action, and he was silent no more.

He took the mantle of Dillon the Cuckslayer, Savior of Western Culture And Enemy To Cuckery Everywhere. Soon after, God Emperor Trump took The Cuckslayer under his wing.

Now he fights degeneracy on a daily basis while going to school at one of the most liberal schools in the multiverse.

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